It all started with an Instagram DM from Capsule. At first I was dazed and confused, then I saw “Congratulations” and realized it was for the KAWS x Air Jordan IV raffle that I had entered. As soon as it was time for me to leave work I ran to my car and started heading up to Yorkville to pick up my pair. As I am driving, I call the wife to let her know what happened, a.k.a. ask for permission to make an unnecessarily huge purchase. She agrees and I am good to go!


Anyway I get to Capsule and I see Justin at the desk. I slowly walk up and say “Justin, whats up bro! I am here to pick up the KAWS”. He then walks to the back and comes out with a gorgeous black box in his hands. One thing I really appreciated about the customer service was that Justin double checked the sizes and made sure I was not going home with a mismate. After checking out, I showed my appreciation for the opportunity to purchase these beauts and rushed home.

Now onto these beautiful creations. Where do I start? The packaging catches your eye as soon as it enters your peripherals. Aside from the red ” X X ” and the white “AIR”, the box is all black with hints of KAWS signature cartoon hands. As you open the box you see the dust bag and retro card both decked out in signature KAWS art.

Finally as you peel back the tissue paper your eye catches the amazing, premium grey suede that engulfs the exterior of the shoe. The shoe itself is well-made and there are absolutely no signs of excess glue anywhere. The midsole is wrapped in even more premium suede and is as soft as soft can get. The inner liner where your foot will comfortably sit is decked out with premium, soft leather.

Throughout the shoe you get the subtle hints that make it KAWS, from the inside of the tongue, to the art behind the translucent outsoles; the shoe was beautifully executed. The most significant details are seen on the upper of the shoe, which contains the etching of various KAWS cartoon hands.

Overall an amazing shoe and it is a privilege to have this in the collection. One last shout out to Capsule Toronto for holding legit raffles and doing things fairly.



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