Sneakeasy Toronto

You haven’t been to a party until you’ve been to a Nike party…

Last night was Nike’s “Sneakeasy” party in celebration of Air Max Month / Air Max Day / the release of Vapor Max / the official welcoming of @NikeToronto. Yeah, lots of things. Follow along as I walk you through the night, and check out Allan’s (Spoonr) amazing shots along the way.

If you’ve ever been to 310 Spadina (I hadn’t, and neither had anyone else), it’s a basic, industrial-looking building in the middle of Chinatown. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Nike staff who checked us in on iPads. We walked down a grungy looking ally/tunnel plastered with Nike posters and arrived at a freight elevator with one lonely attendant inside. Enter the elevator, door shuts, and silence. As the elevator elevates (ha), the sound of music emerges. Once we’d reached the top floor, the door raises once again. And it. Is. Madness.

The first thing we see as we step into the space is a massive LCD wall full of vintage-looking television screens. The music is loud, there’s a ton of people, and everyone is wearing Air Max… This is awesome!

The space was divided into five “rooms”, each one curated by a Nike Toronto ‘Visionair’. Each room was themed around iconic Air Max models; the artists were given an empty space, and were told to create whatever they could imagine. First up, Bryan Espirtu’s room.

Bryan was given the Air Max 1 as his sneaker to create around.  His space was designed in an industrial, back-ally, way.  A massive sculpture of an Air Max 1, carved out of six individual pieces of drywall, and a huge brick wall with custom created Nike ads. These were crazy touches of Bryan’s creativity. But the wrecking-ball breaking through that brick wall was undoubtedly the centrepiece of the whole event.


Next up, Anna’s room. AtotheBed has been a friend of ours for a long time, and we could not be happier that she was given this opportunity. Of course, she did not disappoint. Anna was given the Air Max 90 as her weapon of choice, and she created a track and field themed space — but upside down. The art on the ceiling (or floor, I guess), was inspired by infamous Air Max 90 models from years past. Her explanation for the space’s theme is that the Air Max 90 “turned the sneaker world upside down”, and damn it, she’s right.

Tanisha Scott’s room was certainly the most “wowing” of them all. She was given the Air Max 97, and she created an entire room comprised of mirrors.  Floor, walls, ceiling; all of it covered in mirrors. If you didn’t take a picture in Tanisha’s room last night, you slacked.


Now time for Avi Gold’s room, and man, was this ever cool. Avi is a huge Air Max 95 fan, so it’s only fitting that he was given that silhouette to work with.  His room was transformed into a vintage sneaker store, complete with old school slot walls, retro clothing, and a ton of older Air Max 95’s on display. It was incredible to see how well he was able to capture that real OG feel; it was like walking into a time capsule.


At midnight, a massive countdown clock struck zero, and another room was revealed: the Vapor Max room. Dani Reynolds was responsible for curating this space, and she did not disappoint. Balloons covered the entire ceiling, a live band was playing music, and the brand new Vapor Max was on display to see and feel. This party just kept getting more and more nuts.

One of the highlights of the entire event was definitely the Speakers Sneakers Corner. Guests were able to enter, and take four boomerangs inside of a photo-booth. These boomerangs were then displayed for 45 seconds on the massive LCD screen at the entrance. SO COOL!

This party was insane, and as I write this, hungover in a hotel room, I’m still in awe at what I was able to experience last night.

Nike Toronto, thank you.  Thank you for making this month so much more than just March.  It was Air Max Month.



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