Nike ‘I.Deas’ 

Ever since Nike I.D. launched I have always wanted to order an abundance of pairs, varying in colours that I could “borrow” from other famous shoes. From Dunks to Jordans, to Prestos, Sock Darts and every Air Max silhouette, I wanted to customize them all.

Since it is Air Max Month, and Nike released the ever sought after Atmos Air Max 1, here are some dope colourways that I have seen and thought of for the Air Max 1 Essentials option for Nike I.D.

First we have the Air Jordan “Bred” IV inspired AM 1 I.D. To me the Jordan IV silhouette has always been one of my favourites, and the Bred colourway is one of my top for that shoe. What better way to combine two shoes I love than putting the Bred IV colourway on the Air Max 1. The union is just magical!

This next one was inspired by the ever iconic Nike Yeezy 2 Platinums. The Yeezys were always a shoe I could not get my hands on. They were always so elusive and though I wanted to pay resell, I could never fully dive into pulling the trigger for the after market price. Anyway, here you go, the Air Max 1 Platinums.

Finally, you cannot go wrong with a Bred or Royal Air Jordan 1 inspired Nike I.D. I have always been a big Air Jordan 1 fan. Like the Air Max 1, it is a very versatile silhouette, you can dress it down or even dress it up. This transfer in colourway was a no brainer as you guys can see how amazing they look. One of our fellow Canadian sneakerheads, @ToddyFlores, from MTL, recently posted a pair on his IG account.

I also recall there being a QS for an all leather Bred Air Max 1 however if you missed out on those, these can be made right now. I am also a huge fan of mesh on Air Maxes as opposed to the full leather. Here are the kicks!

I Hope you guys got some good ‘I.Deas’ for you next/first Nike I.D. purchase. If you have any dope I.D’s to share, tag us on Instagram!

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