Recap: ‘The March Break Lace’ Up by Sole Exchange Canada 

Sole Exchange Canada does it again…

On Saturday March 18th Sole Exchange Canada held the March Break Lace Up in Mississauga, Ontario. This brought together sneakerheads of all ages. You had some O.G. sneakerheads, ones that were starting out, some people who just wanted to see what was going on, and we even saw sneakerhead families.

After being a part of the Sole Exchange for a while, for us it is more like a family reunion, being able to see our sneaker family that we havent seen in a while. We had the usual vendors pop up like House of HuaSimple Man ClothingCEOs Executive KicksUPSOCake & Carats, and many more. One of the regulars Zeevy Customs Designed a pair for the show to raffle off. There were also a few new vendors which is always good to see new faces.


One big difference with this event that separates it with the previous events was that this one was consistently busy. For every hour that passed there was a constant flow of people. Each and every aisle was filled with pedestrians trying to buy, sell, trade and see what people were trying sell/showcase on their tables.

One of my favourite things to do is just try to talk and connect with people at the events. With this event specifically I got to meet a few people from different parts of the country. Met a serious Air Max head from Montreal. His eyes lighting up as he looked at the Air Maxes on our AM/SB themed table is why we do these crazy set ups.

Our homies from the YYC who run Legal Hustle Clothing, along with 403K Films, took a trip down to The 6ix for the show. Its always dope to be able to meet Instagram sneaker family in person and get to chop it up. Its also great to see other point of views about the sneaker culture and where it is at.


On top of all the excitement going on inside the the venue, Nike came through with the Air Max Bus. This was just everyone’s lucky day, as everyone who attended had the chance to check out the bus and have a glance at the Air Max grails. This was a huge opportunity, especially the Air Max heads, as for most of us, we could only see those grails in pictures and videos online. I was like a kid in a candy store.

The Sole Exchange Family held it down and threw another great event. Each time we attend the community seems to get bigger and bigger. The sneaker scene has definitely changed and everyone is getting younger and younger; but this is all a part of the game. All we can do to counter the hype is to attend events like The March Break Lace up and educate the next generation so that everyone can see the culture the way we do. Show the new sneakerheads what passion and love for game looks like. That is why we do what we do!

Check out a bunch more images from the event below!



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