Nike Air Max 1 – Master

If you know me, or you follow me on social media, you know that this pair literally screams “BUY ME BUY ME!” for me.


Anything even close to a “What The” concept is an instant must have for me.  What started with the What the Dunk a few years ago has grown into a nearly sickening obsession with mismatched shoes. With that being said, the execution on the What The Master Air Max 1 is fantastic.  When the first images popped up of this shoe I knew it was special, and now that I have them in hand, I can see I was very right (but what else is new?). Nike Sportswear managed to take a shoe that is 80% black leather and make it into a shoe that I’ve already decided is one of my top five Air Maxes. Yeah I said it.


The concept is familiar; take pieces from Air Maxes of days past and Frankenstein them together to make one awesome shoe. But the way that Nike only used the mudguard as the canvas just makes the individual pieces of historic materials pop that much more.


The quality on the shoe itself is off the charts; from perforated leather on the toe box and collar to the leather lining and pearlized gum sole. They also come with an extra pair of pink laces, which I will absolutely be swapping in.


And do we even need to talk about the box? I don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of special packaging, and the box that these come in is just nuts. Its not often that a consumer version of a sneaker comes with such detailed and intricate packaging, but the Masters’ box is clearly an exception.

These dropped last weekend on (yeah I got really lucky), but if you missed out, check out Haven, Capsule, and Livestock on March 25th to try and scoop a pair of these beauties.




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