Nike Air Max Bus: AKA MAX

Nike, you went crazy on this one…


If you thought that the only thing Nike Sportswear had in store for Air Max Month was a plethora of releases, think again.  They done went and wrapped a double-decker bus to make it look like a shoe box!

If that wasn’t enough for you, the stuff inside is sure to have you drooling and swooning like a 4th grader at his first school dance.

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The interior of the bus is filled with 30 Air Max “Grails” from years past.  These range from Liquid Gold Air Max 1s to Patta and Atmos collabs to Kid Robots… Yeah. Guests will have the opportunity to engage with Nike’s product specialists – EKINs – and learn the history and magnitude of not only the Grails on the bus, but Air Max as a whole.

After completing their trip around the dozens of crazy pairs of Air Max heat, each guest will be given one token, which may be used in a HUGE gum-ball machine filled with goodies. The majority of the ‘gum-balls’ contain collectible Nike pins, but a select few will pop-out with a number inside of them. This number corresponds to a grail on the inside of the bus. Do you see where this is going, do you see!? If you’re lucky enough to be dispensed a numbered ticket from the machine, you win the opportunity to purchase the corresponding Grail for $87.00 (see what they did there?)… That. Is. Insane!

Some of the shoes on this bus are so rare that I never even thought I’d be able to see them in person; and someone is going to win them for $87.00… What?!

We’ve got a full list of the stops the MAX is making below, and for any more details, hit up


(Photos via Livestock and Nike Toronto)


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