On March of 2002, Nike blessed the world with a new line of products. 15 years ago, Nike SB was born, and the SB Dunk was introduced to skateboarders and sneaker lovers alike. I do believe it is safe to say that 4 out of 4 members of Canada Got Sole love our SB Dunks.

You may find this odd, but I think the boxes the Dunks came in was part of what makes the SB line so legendary. I can’t lie, I look forward every year to see if they’ll switch up the colour of the box for a new “era”. It’s exciting to me, okay? I like my shoeboxes.


Last year, Nike SB decided to celebrate the first incredible eras of the Dunk, with four colourways inspired by the boxes they came in. Each shoe paid homage to and was inspired by classic releases of their era. Thought it was quite fitting to showcase them for this post.

The silhouette originally drawn by Peter Moore in 1985, continues to be reinvented and made better. For 15 years, SB Dunks have been feeding hype, and sneakerheads with beautiful stories, buttery materials and quality style. From general releases, to quickstrikes and hyperstrikes, to the dopest collaborations; SB Dunks will keep being rocked by skaters and sneaker lovers worldwide for many more years. I can’t wait to see what Nike SB has in store for my favourite silhouette in the future.

Nike SB, if you’re reading this… Could you PLEASE continue the shoebox series for the rest of the eras? Thank you, I love you. Here’s to another 15 years.



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