Nike Flyknit Racer – Goddess

The Flyknit Racer is back, this time in a triple white iteration. The newest offering of the widely popular model is set to drop next Saturday, March 8th, in celebration of International Women’s Day. The shoe’s inspiration and nickname is drawn from the Greek Goddess, Nike! Get it? Get it!?!?


The entire upper of the shoe is draped in a clean, white flyknit, with white hits on the laces as well. The swoosh is also white, and is only viable from certain angles because of how it blends with the upper. The midsole, however, is actually an off-white (or Sail, as Nike calls it), that sits on top of a black outsole. Which is great, because I can’t image the horror of trying to keep a white sole clean.


Clearly, because I’m writing this article, the shoe comes in a full size run. So while the sneaker is celebrating International Women’s Day, it is available in men’s sizes (thank god goddess).

There isn’t much more that I can tell you that you don’t already know about a Flyknit Racer, so please enjoy the photos because I froze my fingers off taking them. And look for these to drop next Saturday.






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