Engineered for All Day Everyday Comfort

I am currently trying to contain my excitement as I type this out. The left shoe is sitting in front of me, and I’m not exactly sure if I’m even breathing.

There are packages, and then there are packages from Nike Sportswear Canada. The one I saw after I woke up from my nap was of the latter. I am oh so incredibly thankful for said package.


The Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Flyknit in the Infrared colourway was a pair I knew I needed to pick up out of all the Air Max Month releases. I always had a soft spot for AM90s, especially being a 1990 baby. The Flyknit detailing in this pair is really dope. The way Nike managed to hit all the panels of the classic silhouette in one seamless piece of fabric, is pretty damn cool. Each panel’s got its own knit texture too. Quite the nice touch.


They updated the outsole quite a bit, too! Yes, that is a bit of exposed air unit. The insoles that Nike slid into the shoe is pretty neat as well. It’s where I got my headline!


Air Max Month is already looking super stellar and I cannot wait to see what else the Nike Sportswear team has in store for the world.


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