Max Air Madness

When this Nike commercial first aired I was hooked.  Had me bug-eyed like a moth to a flame.  

My dad had drowned me with The Beatles tunes as a kid; and when that muffled amplifier guitar riff came out the TV speakers at the beginning of the ad I automatically belted out the lyrics!  The “Revolution” was set.

Hook, line, and sinker. -TINKER.

Pop and hip-hop culture brought the Air Max to everyone’s attention.  The baby-sitter, the neighbour, baby moms, and baby dads all scooped up a pair.  The iconic Air Bubble radically changed the game.  Forever.


The overall shape and the nostalgia attached to it will always have my attention. Heck, I’ve even took to DIY projects on reshaping toe boxes with the most recent line of AM1s (OCD).  It’ll always be the first look at sneaker boutiques for me and also the first “on-feet” look in general.  Stays Heavy in the Weekly Rotation.


As we break into QMart’s birthday month, it’s only fitting to introduce everyone to my favourite time of the year as an Air Max head.


Welcome to Max Air Madness!


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