Kick Flick

The other night the wifey (@mrsQmart) and I decided to take some time and watch something on Netflix. As she is browsing Netflix she ends up on a movie called “November Rule.” I was a little hesitant as it looked like a Chick Flick, but then again, Tatianna Ali (aka Ashley Banks from Fresh Prince) was it in; I was bout it.

This is essentially about a dude, played by  Mo McRae (from “Grid Iron Gang” and “Sons of Anarchy”) who is opening a sneaker boutique called Unknown (Which is an actual boutique… Click Here).  He is doing this with two of his homies, played by Rick Gonzalez (from Coach Carter, dude who gets kicked off the squad in the beginning) and DJ Qualls (from “Z Nation” and “The New Guy”). 

Throughout the movie you see some of the struggle with the sneaker boutique opening, a sneaker campout scene for the Tiff highs, a bit of a love triangle, and all the workings of a Chick Flick. You even see an appearance from Tyga, as himself, trying to act like he knows about sneakers… ha. 

Throughout the movie you see various sneakers. Most, if not all of them, being Nike. Some notables are Undefeated IVs, Nike Yeezy 1s, Independence Day AM90s, DJ Clark Kent SB Dunk Lows, Honeywell Lebron Xs, and some other dope kicks. Overall a pretty good movie. To be honest I always tried to look at what kicks people were rocking.

At the end of the day, if your date/girlfriend/wife is  looking for a “good movie” aka chick flick, hit her up with an undercover Kick Flick  you can both enjoy! Plus on top of all the dope Sneakers, Tatianna Ali looks amazing!

Til the next time this is QMart signing out.

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