NMD R1 – Monochrome Pack

The NMD R1, one of Adidas’ most successful models as of late, released in three new colourways. Most notably of the three, the ‘Triple Black’ and ‘Solar Red’ iterations featured the return of coloured boost. Up until very recently, Adidas was only able to manufacture their BOOST technology in white, so any time the Three Stripes decides to splash anything other than white on a BOOST midsole, you know it’s going to be special.


From what I could find, it seems like the shoes only released at select Foot Locker and Champs Sports locations, as well as on Adidas.ca.

This is my first time having a pair of BOOSTs with a coloured midsole in hand, and I must say I’m pretty impressed. I remember speaking to an Adidas rep a few months before the triple black UltraBOOST released and he told me that the reason it took so long for them to change the colour is because they had to find a way to actually infuse the colour in each boost pellet, rather than simply coating the midsole. This means that the colour won’t chip or crack away; and after getting a pair up close I can see the quality.


The upper of the shoes is the regular mesh, not PrimeKnit. If you’ve ever owned a shoe with PrimeKnit you know that the difference is very noticeable.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably have to go with the Solar Red pair; simply because I like my shoes bright af. Pictures really don’t do them justice, these things nearly glow.




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