Nike SB x Black Sheep Dunk High

You know the ones? Where at first you’re like “it’s not bad, I think I’ll pass though.” But then, they drop more details about the colourway and the story behind it and you’re like “Welp, now I gotta have ’em.” Yeah, this pair was one of those for me.

Whenever I hear about a new collab with Nike SB, I’m immediately intrigued and can’t wait to see images. Black Sheep put out some really cool teaser videos and pics for this release, but at first glance of the actual shoe I wasn’t too impressed. That is until I read more into what the colourway was about; Black Sheep named this pair “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”


The way Nike SB and their collaborators tell stories is one of the main reasons why I love SB so much. The best colourways tell stories through material, colours, and the tiniest of details. The moment I found out that the white Swoosh revealed the wolf’s teeth, I knew I had to have them. It’s just so dope!


I also knew that when I acquire the pair a little DIY project was bound to happen. Before I even had them in hands, I decided that I was going to be revealing the wolf’s teeth only on the medial sides of the shoes. Helps to tell the story a bit more, you know? Wolf IN Sheep’s Clothing. In the Swoosh. Inside. With the help of the Fiancée’s nail polish remover and cotton pads, my dream became a reality. It took about an hour and a half, and lots of scrubbing to get it done. Quite happy with the results. Buttery grey upper, dope mismatch Swooshes, and the red lace swap (didn’t come with shoes) has me in love!

I’m such a sucker for storytelling on my footwear. Nike SB is off on the right foot for 2017. I’m stoked to see what the rest of the year has in store for Nike’s #15YearsofSBDunk.



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