Air Jordan 4 – Royalty

Ever since the first sneak peek of this colourway, I knew I had to have it. A part of me especially loved the fact that it was black and gold, but didn’t have the letters “OVO” attached to it. Which meant that it’d definitely be an easy pick up. Thankfully, it was.

Right from the get-go I had a feeling I’d love the shoe. From that strong in-box smell, to the first touch, to the first try on; I was amped to have a pair. The material impressed me right away. That reverse leather type of touch, and fuzziness that changes direction when you swipe your hand across the upper? Such a good feeling. My favourite part of the shoe? The gold accents that just pop.

Definitely can’t wait to UNDS this pair. I’m not exactly sure why these are still sitting on shelves!


Allan "Spoonr" Martinez

A Super Duper geek, Twitch Affiliate and Graphic Designer. Video games, superheroes, Disney and collecting. A Kinda Funny Best Friend! — He/Him

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