Yeezy Boost 350 V2 – Black/Red

So I was able to get my hands on the new Yeezy drop from this past weekend, but there’s just one problem – they’re a size 4.5. Apparently that’s a rare size? I only ended up with this size because my size was sold out when I was trying to add them to my cart. I’ve heard these called Bred 2.0’s, Pirate Black v2’s, I don’t know man.

I placed the order on Saturday, and they showed up at my door on Tuesday.  I’ve never ordered from in the past, but that shipping time is unreal!

Although, generally, low key sneakers aren’t my thing, the hit of red on the side panel without the ‘stripe’ really sets this shoe off. The return of the pull tab featuring a bright red stitch is also a nice touch.  They (not surprisingly) came in a regular Yeezy V2 box.

I obviously can’t wear these, but just for the record, the comfort on this shoe is out of this world. If you’ve ever owned a pair, you know. Boost is without a doubt the softest and most responsive cushioning system on the market right now, and it’s no wonder Adidas is stuffing this sh*t into every shoe they can.

Here’s some glamour shots before I find a 6th-grader to pimp these out with.








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