So since this is the very first official post on the Canada Got Sole blog, I figured it would only be right to begin -bitch you guessed it- at the beginning. I’m going to do my very best to tell the story of how the CGS team came to be, and how we got to where we are today. Kk, lets go.

Rewind all the way back to I don’t know what year it was. Blackberrys were a thing, Jordans and Nikes ruled the market, and I wore green plaid shorts that matched my white and green Air Force Ones. Times were good.  At this point in time, myself, Alvin, and Joel were already well into this whole sneaker game thing, and simply shared a common interest as friends and shoe connoisseurs. Sneaker expos, at least in Toronto, were not really a thing, and I vividly recall attending the very first expo (allegedly) that Toronto ever hosted – shout outs to ‘TDot Loves Kicks’. The expo was cool, it had a turn out of maybe 60 people, and I bought Statue of Liberty Dunks. It was a good day.

Fast forward to somewhere between a few months and two years later. TDot Loves Kicks is now hosting their third sneaker event, and they advertise a “Sneaker Battle”, with the winner of this battle taking home a $500 cash reward. The rules were simple, bring your 20 best shoes, display them, and the crowd votes for the table with the best set-up. Seems simple enough, right?

So we show up The Great Hall on Queen West, accompanied by Alvin’s kid brother, Allan (AWWWWWWW), who was going to draw a super dope sign for our table. We set up our 20 shoes, not a bad set-up, and after a mild spicy ending to this battle, the then-named “Sneaker Misfits” reigned victorious… That was us if you were wondering.


So this was fun, and after that event good ol’ TDot Loves Kicks hosted another event in a similar style, and, guess what? We won again. But by this point, we had successfully converted Allan into a full-fledged sneaker machine, and our team of four was unstoppable.

Following the two events at The Great Hall, TDot Loves Kicks collaborated with MLSE and the Toronto Raptors to hold an event at the Air Canada Centre. Now this is where things begin to take flight.  The Sneaker Misfits, once again, enter this battle, and once again, we won. As exposure started to grow, we began to see that having cool shoes could do a lot more than pull a few tings.


Then, one faithful day – Valentines Day, 2012 – Alvin hashtags #CanadaGotSole on one of his sick kick pics on Instagram. Later, he came to me and said, “Yo, this is a cool tag, we should use it all the time.” So we did. And then everyone else started using it. And then everyone else’s everyone else started using it. And we were like “Hey Allan and Joel, wanna do a thing with a thing?” And they were like “yeah I wanna do a thing with a thing”. And then we were like “Yo this is kinda cool, lets make merch.” And then everyone bought our merch.

You get the idea.

So now here we are; four years, over 80,000 hashtag impressions, almost 3,000 Instagram followers, too many shoes later -and we’ve finally started a website. This story wasn’t to inform you that I write in the exact same way that I speak… No no no. It was to let you know that we’re four guys, who like shoes, and are trying to perpetuate some cultural values that we think need to be passed around. This is for, by, and about Canada. So sit tight, enjoy the ride – and welcome to




  • Yo! Real dope little story bro.. So cool the way it all worked out for you guys, just having a love for shoes could turn into what you guys are now💯👍 keep holding it down for CANADA and showing the world #CanadaGotSole from iG’s ShoeLife81 👊✌

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